Account Set-up

  • You will have a need for a Tshirt Dropshipping Company for Your Offline or Online Store
  • Add us as your Tshirt dropshipper by opening “Merchant Account” with 99PRINTS
  • To open a Merchant Account with 99PRINTS contact us @ [email protected]
  • After successful Merchant Account Sign-up, Credit cash into your Merchant Account
  • Now you can place a Your Designs, Orders, Check Bills, Track Orders and much more with 99PRINTS Merchant Account

99PRINTS Order Cycle - STEP - 1

  • You can collect blank t-shirt templates from merchant panel
  • Apply your designs on it and start selling your products Online and Offline Stores
  • Add Your Designs in your 99PRINTS Merchant Account as well
  • You are good to go and can start receiving Orders from your customers

99PRINTS Order Cycle - STEP - 2

  • Verify all Orders with your Customers
  • Verified Orders could be forwarded to 99prints Cloud Servers via simple API’s (OR)
  • You can place them Manually using the Add Order Form in your Merchant Account
  • Your Orders will be taken for Production and you can Follow them in “Orders Tab” in your Merchant Account

99PRINTS Order Cycle - STEP - 3

  • will Issue Induvidual Order Sheet for Every Order to Our Production Team
  • Production Team will Procure the Blank tshirts and supply them to Print Application Team
  • The Tshirts are Printed and Inspected and Passed on the Packing Department

99PRINTS Order Cycle - STEP - 4

  • The Tshirts are Inspected, Sorted, Packed with Brand label and Shipped Internationally using Our Proprietary DROP SHIP Software through Reputed Couriers
  • Your and your customers will be alerted with an SMS, when the Orders are Shipped and Delivered
  • You Track your Order Status with all of the Above Steps in your “Merchant Account”, From Ordering to Delivery without any hassle

Billing & Profit Calculation

  • Your account will be billed daily shortly after Mid-Night (+5.30 GMT - ISD Time) for Orders Shipped within that day
  • The Billed amount will be Debited against your Cash Credit


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